About Us

Greetings travellers...

In the beginning there was an idea. Then that got scrapped because it involved using a dinosaur playing the banjo. A new idea was born and they stuck with it – the idea? A book club – a place where a like-minded group of individuals could meet up every two weeks; drink large amounts of alcohol, eat pizzas that consist entirely of meat, watch videos of people singing on boats and sometimes, on rare occasions; discuss books.

Then a new idea formed – it was to blog the exploits of the Wednesday night book club so that there was some record of the ramblings, bizarre theories and other conclusions we'd come to. Mostly because what actually seems really clever and insightful after a few pints, well, actually isn't so much the next morning.

So here it is: we'd like to say that what you're about to read were informative discussions by some intelligent, well educated, people. But it probably isn't. We're not big and clever but we do love books.


Becky, Ross, Derry, Si, Pete, Michele, Niki and Stuart.